The Handout Notes for BA-LLB student.


  • Administrative Law
  • Laws of Civil Service

Course Contents

  • General Principles of Administrative Law;
  • Administrative act, delegated legislation, administrative discretion, judicial review of the administrative act discretion, administrative tribunals and ombudsman.
  • Laws of Civil Service. Civil Servants Act, 1973 Federal Service Tribunal. 1973 Government Servants (E&D) Rules, 1973 and Civil Servants (Conduct) Rule 19.
  • The Constitution of the Islamic republic of Pakistan 1973, as amended up to date.

Books Recommended

  • Administrative Law by HWR Wade
  • Principles of Administrative Law by Griffith, J A G
  • Principles of Administrative Law by Jain and Jain
  • Principles of Administrative by Asrdley, D C M
  • Administrative Law by Faulkes, David
  • Principles of Administrative Law by Hamid Khan
  • Administrative Law by Prof. Sathe
  • Administrative Law by Prof. Chakrwati Civil Service law and Practice by Masud-ul-Hassan.
  • Manual of Civil Services Law by Janjua, Z I.
  • Civil Services Laws by Nisar Ahmad.


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