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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Law of Contract Important Question and Answer

  • Define and explain 1. consideration 2. reciprocal promises 3. void-able contract 4. void agreement.
  • What is Fraud?
  • What are rights of party caused by fraud.
  • Define and explain Mistake of Law and Fact
  • Mistake of Law and Fact effects on contract.
  • Rights of party suffering from a breach in the following situations:
    • When no sum is mentioned in the contract as payable for breach.
    • When sum is mentioned.
  • What are rights of a party which has itself rescinded a contract.
  • What is liability of a pretending agent.
  • State the facts and the law laid down in the case of Hadly and others
  • Rights and duties of a bialee.
  • How can an agency be created.
  • Authority of agent to act on behalf of the principal.
  • Principles on which damages for breach of contract are to be awarded by a Court.
  • When and how can proposal and acceptance can be revoked.
  • What Coercion, Undue Influence, and Fraud.
  • Consequences which ensue from breach of a valid contract.
  • How and under what circumstances is agency terminated.
  • What are contingent contracts? When can they be enforced.
  • Case Mohri – v – Dharmodas Ghosh.
  • Different situations in which agreements, though made by free consent of parties, competent to contract are yet void.
  • What is pledge, rights and duties of the Pawner and Pawnee.
  • Appropriation of payment towards debts.
  • What is continuing Guarantee? How the liability discharges.
  • When is the suggestion of fact not fraud, but a misrepresentation.
  • What is a contract of indemnity and how differs from contract of Guarantee.
  • When is communication of 1. A Proposal, 2. An Acceptance, and 3. A Revocation said to be complete.
  • Define proposal, promise, promisor, promisee, and consideration.
  • Various kinds of bailment.
  • Does the Pawnee or agent have any lien over the goods pledged or property in his custody.
  • Ratification of principal act of his agent.
  • What is rule of compensation on breach of contract.
  • How does liquidated damages differ from penalty.
  • Circumstances which render the original contract need not to be performed.
  • Difference Sales and an agreement to sell and bailment.
  • How contract of sale of goods be made whether 1. In writing, 2. Oral, and 3. Implied.
  • Can a contract be made without consideration.
  • What are contingent contracts.
  • Who is an unpaid seller.
  • Under what circumstances when there is no contract.
  • Rights of finder lost goods.
  • Conditions for immediate return of goods loaned gratuitously for use of a fixed term. Passing of property.
  • Remedies under Sales of Goods Act.
  • What are conditions and warranty.
  • Agreements by way of wager.
  • Duties of buyer and seller of goods.
  • Notes: Consideration, Free Consent, Wagering Contracts.


  1. Notes kaha hai ? Kese open karen sirf cchapter k name hai plz mujhe llb 1 k tall subject k noTes chaye kaha se dhekho?

  2. Koi b Question with answer open hi nhi hota .
    Kese open hnge ye ?

  3. Koi b Question with answer open hi nhi hota .
    Kese open hnge ye ?

  4. Koi b Question with answer open hi nhi hota .
    Kese open hnge ye ?

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